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Sweet Potato Pie Made with Guilt-Free Wholesome Ingredients!

This Sweet Potato Pie has all wholesome ingredients – unrefined grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, quality sweeteners, etc. Because it has hearty ingredients with concentrated sweeteners and it;s cooked well, this is one dessert that is healthy (when eaten in moderation, of course)! Everyone will love this delicious sweet potato pie, and they will never

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Danish Puff Pastry – Luscious, Yes, But healthy? Well…

Indulging in sweets, like a Danish Puff Pastry from time to time, isn’t a bad thing at all. The number one thing that makes a certain food healthy or unhealthy is… How much you eat of it! I believe a healthy diet is all about moderation. For example, these danish puff pastries do not belong

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