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Cooking with Deb

My dining area in the kitchen.

I am a web developer by profession. I specialize in building WordPress sites and blogs. However, I also have built many hobby sites. I built this one because I love cooking and I’m learning how to cook healthier.

About a year ago my husband and I broke up but there are some recipes here from him. When he used to grill or barbecue, I was in the kitchen creating a masterpiece salad or twice baked potatoes or something like that. Now, don’t get me wrong, I also cook meat, beef included, but he was the griller / barbecuer. So steaks, tri tip, hamburgers and sometimes chicken was his gig. Most of the rest of the recipes are mine.

A few years ago we started thinking pretty heavily about our health and our eating habits. We were both pretty ingrained for “meat and potatoes” as a diet, since that is how we were raised. We’ve been taking steps to have a wider variety of meals and to make them healthier.

The first steps were to cut out all processed (fake) foods, ease up on our use of butters and creams, and cut way down on the amount of salt. Also adding many more vegetables in your diet will do a lot more than anything else you can do. Fruit is important too. I’m the first to admit, I have a ways to go in making healthier meals but one step at a time works.

I hope you enjoy the recipes on the site and the style of cooking. I welcome feedback and even accept recipes from others, so feel free to comment or contact me!

Let’s Get Cooking and Eat Better!