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Sweet Potato Pie Made with Guilt-Free Wholesome Ingredients!

This Sweet Potato Pie has all wholesome ingredients – unrefined grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, quality sweeteners, etc. Because it has hearty ingredients with concentrated sweeteners and it;s cooked well, this is one dessert that is healthy (when eaten in moderation, of course)! Everyone will love this delicious sweet potato pie, and they will never

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Baked Lasagna Recipe Made Easy and Scrumptous!

This Baked Lasagna Recipe is one I came up with decades ago when my daughter wanted to learn how to cook. I had found a baked lasagna recipe geared toward children in the newspaper one Sunday. I decided to change it up a bit to take into consideration the things she liked and to leave

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Stuffed Peppers – As Great As My Mom’s Only A Bit Healthier

Stuffed peppers is one of my all-time favorite dinners. My mom, who was an awesome cook, used to make them often. I’ve added a few finishing touches of my own in this recipe. For example, I add fresh tomatoes to the mix of 95% lean ground beef and a blend of white and brown rice…

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