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Danish Puff Pastry – Luscious, Yes, But healthy? Well…

Indulging in sweets, like a Danish Puff Pastry from time to time, isn’t a bad thing at all. The number one thing that makes a certain food healthy or unhealthy is… How much you eat of it! I believe a healthy diet is all about moderation. For example, these danish puff pastries do not belong

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Grilled Vegetable Basket – Yummy Side Dish for Grilled Meats

A Grilled Vegetable Basket with any kind of grilled meat, such as steak, is easy and delicious. Just about any kind of vegetable can be used and even some fruits, such as pineapple. In this Grilled Vegetable Basket we’ve used: Corn on the cob (shucked) Carrots Green Bell Pepper Red Bell Pepper Yellow Squash and

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